Friday, January 27, 2012

Rebranding the Blog: We2Geeks!

Hello my fine readers.... (just pretend there is a whole mess of you)

I used to collaborate on a tumblr with a friend of mine we called ourselves We2Geeks.  I am sure you can still find ye old tumblr and some awesome posts (exaggeration) we had there.  I have decided to continue the We2Geeks label and brand, its easier to type then indiscriminatefacts for sure and less likely to be mispelled which is something I am even guilty of doing.

Moreover I want to invite some geeks to take part in the blog and so....its not indiscriminate.....but it always will have two geeks involved.  What I mean by this is I (Dan) am involved and usually at least one other....a reader.  It also can mean that there is me and another geek posting such as my brother from California.  Anyway you are all smart enough to understand why I think this is witty even though its only mildly witty.

So you will notice you have been redirected to which is the domain I have recently become the owner of.  This is so that any upgrades or changes in the future (hint hint) will not lead you astray.  So please change your bookmarks, pointers, saved tabs, and feet/fingers to this new site.  So when those changes come to pass you can still find me and my site.

My plans are to get something more eye appealing.  Not that there is anything wrong with the cliffs of Moher.  I in fact love them.  But its probably not the best design and layout for all web viewing needs and I would like to add some wizbang stuff and perhaps some more content besides just my blog which can be at times.....boring even for me.  Yes...i realize I am not the most interesting person.  I am not stuff and I do not take myself seriously.

Anyway....if anyone is curious I am using EasyDNS and still using Blogger right now.  Chances are Blogger may go away. I will try to keep all of the content when I move.  If not I will keep what is here for historical purposes.  I am not very website inclined but I am smashing my way along.  Its not pretty and there may be some bumps along the way but try to all be sturdy turtles and weather the storm.

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