Monday, January 30, 2012

Conbam's Pile Isle Reloaded Bench

I really like the look of this bench. Granted all the holes are just inviting bugs and bees but I like the idea of it if it was inside. Depending on how the seat is shaped it may or may not be comfortable for everyone. I would think shorter folks would have to sit in it like this woman is because it would probably not be comfortable with their feet dangling. although the edges are all round...

Any thoughts?

Conbam's Pile Isle Reloaded Bench:

Used as a foundation in everything from rustic serving plates to newborn onesies, bamboo is like the tofu of eco-conscious design. As someone who loves tofu, I mean that in the nicest way: Both have an elementary kind of versatile appeal. A particularly elegant representation of bamboo's broad aesthetic is the Pile Isle Reloaded bench by German based bamboo-design company, Conbam.


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