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LOTRO Lore Edition: Golden Trees and Silver-White Trees Part II

White Trees

Oh the White Trees. Telperion was the Silver glowing tree with the flowers I told you about in the last post.  And it is said that the White Trees of Tol Eressa, Numenor and Minas Tirith all descended from Teleperion

Now the descendant trees did not glow as Telperion did. The Valar Yavanna made the tree named Galathilion for the Elves of the city of Tirion.

Tirion was the city the elves built in Aman in Valinor on a hill.  To simplify history here two types of Elves lived in Tirion until one decided to move to be closer to the halls of a particular Valar. That place was Tol Eressëa and there a seedling of Galathilion was planted. This tree was called Celeborn.   Yes....same name.

When the Numenorians (The great kingdom of men) still had a good relationship with the Elves of Tol Eressëa one of the gifts given to them was a seedling from Celeborn(the tree).  It was planted on Numenor and it grew into a tree known as Nimloth.  Its blossoms appeared as Sun set (as you would assume coming from Telperion).  When Sauron weaseled his way into the good graces of the Numenorian Kings he had the tree destroyed and burned on an altar fire in his temple. Sauron had a hard time killing off the Kings of Men so did he have trouble killing off the trees they cherished.

For Isildur son of Elendil who would cut his ring off years later stole a fruit from that tree and that fruit turned into a seedling that they took back to middle earth before the Downfall of Numenor.  That seedling was planted in Minas Ithil the tower of the Moon.

Minas Ithil was captured by the Nazgul, Renamed Minas Morgul, Tower of Black Sorcery, and that tree was destroyed.  And things get confusing but then one is Planted at Minas Anor.  That one is destroyed during the time of the Dark Plague.  Another seedling is planted, this time at Minas Tirith, and this one lasts some time until one of the Stewards of Gondor dies.  That tree left no seedlings and so it could not be replaced and so they left the dead white tree in place.

After the war of the ring Gandalf guides Aragorn to a slope on Mindolluin behing Minas Tirith.  The Mindolluin was a place only Kings were allowed to go.  And there on the slope a seedling was found (unlike the movie which i believe just shows the old tree re-budding)  The old tree is moved to the Midolluin where the kings and stewards are buried and the seedling is planted in its place on Minas Tirith.

The white trees are clearly hated by the darkness and a link to the old ways and wax and wane as those connections are pushed and pulled in history.

Gold Trees

Unlike the White trees the Golden trees are not clearly attributed to the Golden Tree from the Years of the Trees, Laurelin by name.

However in the description they sing out a relation to that tree and a lineage that is quite similar to the white trees.

The Mallorn grew on Tol Eressëa as well but not just one or two trees.  It is said that groves of them existed.

"Its bark was silver and smooth, and its boughs somewhat upswept after the manner of the beech; but it never grew save with a single trunk. Its leaves, like those of the beech but greater, were pale green above and beneath were silver, glistering in the sun; in the autumn they did not fall, but turned to pale gold. In the spring it bore golden blossom in clusters like a cherry, which bloomed on during the summer; and as soon as the flowers opened the leaves fell, so that through spring and summer a grove of malinorni was carpeted and roofed with gold, but its pillars were of grey silver. Its fruit was a nut with a silver shale."

They were said to be very tall and in the second age seeds were brought to Numenor and the trees would only grow in the westernmost part, closest to Tol Eressëa it seems.  Apparently there the trees reached a similar amazing height as they did on Tol Eressëa itself.

Some seeds from these trees were presented to Gil-Galad but the seeds would not take root.  So Gil-Galad gave them to Galadriel.  It seems that by the hand of Galadriel the seeds would take root only in Lorien from that point on and once Numenor was drown in the sea by the Valar the only Mallorn that grew outside of Valinor were the ones in Lorien cared for by Galadriel. one other tree....

When the Hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin) return to the shire they find Saruman there. He has destroyed the shire and taken over and the returning hobbits after a few days of fighting kick him out.  However Saruman has had the Party Tree chopped down.

At long last Sam opened the box that Galadriel had given him and inside was some grey dust that was soft and fine and in the middle was a small seed like a nut with a silver shale.  He planted that seed where the Party Tree had been with a small amount of the Grey Dust.   He used the rest of the grey dust to plant other seedlings around the shire and just a grain of the grey dust with each seedling and seed.  Replacing all the trees that had been burned or hacked down.   The following spring the seedlings had all sprung up with 20 years of growth.

And his nut....had become a seedling and it was a Mallorn, Silver bark and long leaves and in April it had golden flowers.  It was said to be one of the finest in the world.

So to imagine chopping down a golden tree in Lorien to me is an assault on the Valar themselves and the gifts that remained in Middle Earth as all of the Eldar and their gifts faded the trees remained.  Leave the damn trees alone!

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