Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Swarm robots

A great video. I was completely unprepared for the batman like gadgets deployed by these robots.

Swarm robots:
Robot swarms are an area where LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT could fit in very well. However, they sadly have played a very minor role in the NXT universe so far.

Here's a great inspiring video on a 4 year swarm robot research project that connects a couple of (non-NXT) robots from different European universities:

Conbam's Pile Isle Reloaded Bench

I really like the look of this bench. Granted all the holes are just inviting bugs and bees but I like the idea of it if it was inside. Depending on how the seat is shaped it may or may not be comfortable for everyone. I would think shorter folks would have to sit in it like this woman is because it would probably not be comfortable with their feet dangling. although the edges are all round...

Any thoughts?

Conbam's Pile Isle Reloaded Bench:

Used as a foundation in everything from rustic serving plates to newborn onesies, bamboo is like the tofu of eco-conscious design. As someone who loves tofu, I mean that in the nicest way: Both have an elementary kind of versatile appeal. A particularly elegant representation of bamboo's broad aesthetic is the Pile Isle Reloaded bench by German based bamboo-design company, Conbam.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make: Enlarging Casting Resin

I would think @donttrythis would find this product a must have. I am not much of a modeler but this seems like a wonderful way to easily scale up a cast of something.

Enlarging Casting Resin:

HydroSpan 100, from Houston-based Industrial Polymers Corporation, is billed as “a 3 dimensional copy machine enlarging any shape or design in near perfect proportion and detail.” Shown uppermost, a Morgan silver dollar from 1896, enlarged via three generations of HydroSpan 100 casting to about the size of a salad plate. To use it, two components are mixed and poured into a conventional silicone mold. After curing for 24 hours, the resulting casting is soaked in water for a period of several days, swelling it uniformly to 160% of its original size. The enlarged casting can then be remolded and the process repeated as many times as necessary to achieve the desired final size. Industrial Polymers also manufactures a shrinking casting resin if you want to go down the rabbit hole, instead.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ikea Hackers: Glowing drinking straw

Neat idea captured in this project.  To be honest I can see this being used in lots of ways.  I immediately thought how this could be used to put a new spin on an old fixture or that light that needs a shade but nothing quite fits it.  If you make the frame durable enough you could change the colors/patterns over time.  Neat idea given how cheap straws are.

Glowing drinking straw:
Straw lampshade
Materials: SOMMAR
Description: Why just use them for drinking? They can be very useful in an other way.
Straw lampshade
Straw lampshade
Straw lampshade
See more of the straw lampshade.
~ Christine Koblizek

Being a Dad: Almost 4 years later

People always say you aren't ready to be a parent.  Most of them are talking about the sleepless nights the endless toiling of changing and cleaning up and feeding and looking after ever possible thing a small human being could need.

I can honestly say I was prepared for all of that.  What  I was not prepared for was the tiny little things that no one tells you about.  All the ninja training in the world does not prepare you for your tiny being to load your shoes up with hard plastic mickey mouse fridge magnets or pay attention to the three year old who, much like a rogue state laying claim to more ocean limit then is allowed by international law actually believes if she finds money in the house it goes in her piggy bank....even if the finding is in your shirt pocket while you are holding her.

I could go on endlessly but its impossible to prepare you for what your child will do.  The possibly combinations of a child's mind and the conventions of the adult world are to numerous to even begin to try to generalize.  Most recently this has taken the form of socks.

Socks?  Yes.  She likes to take her shoes off but its winter in the new england area and so....she needs socks.  But socks to a child are only clothing until they are taken off. Then they can become anything. Hats for stuffed animals, food for invisible puppies, or the tiniest doll sleeping bags ever created.  Once the house reaches calm (read: she is napping or sleeping) the adult mind begins to see the odd sock.

Funny thing about socks....there are two.  So finding one means another is out there somewhere.  In an adult mind you assume they are taken off at the same time or taken off together.  This is not true.  Even if they are taken off at the same time there is no telling what will happen in the life of a sock mere seconds later.

So after the goodnights....much like a house sized Where's Waldo I find myself discovering items that have been brought to the far reaching corners of the house that simply don't belong but are nestled with complete purpose (whatever that may have been at the time is unknown even to her) among things that a normal human brain would never guess at.

Sometimes you know something is amiss and you just cannot figure out what it is.  And then all of a sudden as you are booting up your laptop you look across the living room and tucked beside a pillow on the chair across from you is a tiny bobble head kitten in what looks like a miniature cave on a wide expanse of green pasture cushion.  There are no other toys nearby and no indication of why that cat with neck issues ended up in that location.  Perhaps it was part of an elaborate lost kitten story, or the kitten was actually a jaguar (she loves jaguars) or to be quite honest the kitten could have been a school teacher who was going to get students but the staging of the whole event was sidetracked by a stuffy nose and the search for a tissue.

Last night I discovered tiny socks in my pocket.  Not sure if I put them there or not nor how long they have lingered there.  Tonight nearly without registering it she pulled her socks off before bed and handed them to me.  She asked me to "not eat them" (long story) and mindlessly I put the socks in my pocket and said goodnights.

If I don't take them out now surely I will find them tomorrow or they will go through the wash in my pocket.  But something strikes me about this event.  My brain has been so changed by my kid that I am no longer sure who's is responsible for the sock.....or for that matter the kitten.  In all likelihood she put that tiny bobble head here behind the cushion.  But in could have been me.  

oh look a plastic caterpillar on the cable box.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rebranding the Blog: We2Geeks!

Hello my fine readers.... (just pretend there is a whole mess of you)

I used to collaborate on a tumblr with a friend of mine we called ourselves We2Geeks.  I am sure you can still find ye old tumblr and some awesome posts (exaggeration) we had there.  I have decided to continue the We2Geeks label and brand, its easier to type then indiscriminatefacts for sure and less likely to be mispelled which is something I am even guilty of doing.

Moreover I want to invite some geeks to take part in the blog and so....its not indiscriminate.....but it always will have two geeks involved.  What I mean by this is I (Dan) am involved and usually at least one other....a reader.  It also can mean that there is me and another geek posting such as my brother from California.  Anyway you are all smart enough to understand why I think this is witty even though its only mildly witty.

So you will notice you have been redirected to which is the domain I have recently become the owner of.  This is so that any upgrades or changes in the future (hint hint) will not lead you astray.  So please change your bookmarks, pointers, saved tabs, and feet/fingers to this new site.  So when those changes come to pass you can still find me and my site.

My plans are to get something more eye appealing.  Not that there is anything wrong with the cliffs of Moher.  I in fact love them.  But its probably not the best design and layout for all web viewing needs and I would like to add some wizbang stuff and perhaps some more content besides just my blog which can be at times.....boring even for me.  Yes...i realize I am not the most interesting person.  I am not stuff and I do not take myself seriously.

Anyway....if anyone is curious I am using EasyDNS and still using Blogger right now.  Chances are Blogger may go away. I will try to keep all of the content when I move.  If not I will keep what is here for historical purposes.  I am not very website inclined but I am smashing my way along.  Its not pretty and there may be some bumps along the way but try to all be sturdy turtles and weather the storm.